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America has a long history of talented Psychic Readers with amazing abilities. We will now talk about America’s Top 3 most famous psychics and their amazing psychic ability. Daniel Douglas Homes, Jeanne Dixon and Tana Hoy.

Daniel Douglas Homes (pictured)

Although Daniel and Jeanne have already passed on, Tana Hoy is still very much alive. All three of these famous psychics have left a permanent mark in psychic history due to their amazing psychic ability.

The first of our most famous psychics in America was named Daniel Douglas Homes. He first became known as a famous psychic in the 1850′s.

Being a Psychic Medium, he gave his first private seance at the age of 18. At this seance, Daniel’s psychic ability was so strong that he moved a large, solid, wood table in all directions by simply touching it. Shortly after this seance, his psychic ability grew rapidly and his name spread all over the world.

As his psychic development continued, he could move a table by simply touching it with his finger. He could cause an accordion that was locked in a solid steel cage to play at will, simply by requesting the help of his invisible spirit friends.

Although his spiritual gifts were many, he possessed the incredible psychic ability of levitation. It was this ability alone that made him the most famous psychic of his time! Daniel could rise and levitate in the air, floating above the heads of his audience during his public lectures.

Why has Daniel Douglas Homes made it on our list of the three most famous psychics in America? Because all of his amazing psychic feats, including his levitations, were demonstrated in broad daylight!

Many accused him of being a fake but no one could ever prove his psychic ability to be anything other than a genuine psychic gift. He died from tuberculosis on June 12, 1886 at the age of 40.

Jeanne Dixon

The second of our most famous psychics in America was named Jeanne Dixon (1918-1997). At 8 years old, Jeanne had her palms read by an old Gypsy lady. When reading the lines in little Jeanne’s hands, the old Gypsy predicted that later in life Jeanne would become a famous psychic whose name would become known worldwide.

She took the old Gypsy’s words to heart and worked on her psychic development. Jeanne became a famous astrologer and her popular astrology section could be read in almost every newspaper across America.

Why has Jeanne Dixon made it on our list of the three most famous psychics in America? After a speaking engagement at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, Jeanne was leaving the hotel.

Suddenly, as if her psychic ability had overtaken her, a trembling Jeanne predicted that Robert Kennedy would be assassinated before he had a chance to become President. As she walked down a long corridor near the hotel kitchen, she suddenly stopped and said “Robert Kennedy. This is the place he will be shot.” She then gasped and said “I see him falling to the floor covered with blood.”

On June 5th, Robert Kennedy was assassinated by a gunman named Sirhan Sirhan at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles – right on the very spot that Jeanne had predicted months before!

Jeanne always tried to warn people about her psychic visions, but either her messages were never answered or they didn’t reach the person in time. Jeanne departed this earth on January, 26 1997.

Tana Hoy

The third of our most famous psychics in America is Tana Hoy (1976-?). Tana was born with a veil over his face (the sign of a natural psychic) and ever since he can remember he has had the ability to psychically predict events. What makes his psychic ability so different from other psychics? Tana can physically see Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels. And, not only can he physically see them, he can talk to them and hear them talk back to him too; the same way that you would carry on a conversation with a good friend.

Why has Tana Hoy made it on our list of the three most famous psychics in America? On the morning of April 19, 1995, during a live radio show on WQSM FM in Fayetteville North Carolina, Tana Hoy made a prediction that stunned the nation.

He said that “There is going to be another terrorist bombing in America.” In a sad voice he continued on “It is going to happen in a federal building, it will be in a Midwestern city that starts with an “O” and it is going to happen before first of May.” Then, almost as if he couldn’t finish his words, he said “It will be worse than the World Trade Center bombing in New York City and hundreds of people are going to die.”

Ninety minutes later, exactly as Tana had predicted, the deadly explosion occurred. Timothy McVeigh was later arrested for detonating the deadly bomb.

Months earlier, Tana’s Spirit Guides had told him that a bombing was going to happen. So in January of 1995, over four months before that tragic day, Tana contacted law enforcement and told them, in detail, that another terrorist bombing was going to occur.

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