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CBS has reported that it has cancelled the popular psychic medium TV show ‘Medium’. This news was preceded a few weeks ago by CBS first cutting the episodes for the season from 22 to 13 – so that should have been a warning of things to come.

It has had a great run, but unfortunately all good psychic shows come to an end! The show ‘Medium’ was based on the real life of Psychic Medium Allison DuBois and her family, which was played by popular actress Patricia Arquette.

Fans may even get their unanswered questions answered in the final episode, with the creator and producer of ‘Medium’ Glen Gordon Caron posting on the CBS website that “In what we believe will be a series-defining episode, Allison and her family will stare destiny in the eye. And destiny will not blink.” – lets hope so Glen!

The show is not being cancelled for lack of prior success as it has had a spectacular run of over seven seasons, with the final showing of ‘Medium’ on CBS Friday, January 21 2011 marking the 130th episode.

The Psychic Line


    • byStaci Wall
    • onJune 6, 2011

    I never even saw this show, but what I do know is Allison publicly defacing another human being on national television. Her ‘psychic’ powers are a joke. Her attitude is so off putting and quite frankly I feel her attacking another human being the way she did is a direct reflection of her upbringing and never dealing with those issues. I would never wish anyone bad, but I hope Allison’s book and anything else she tries to make money fails! I’m so disgusted with her.

    • byDavid
    • onJune 15, 2011

    I’m am so glad to hear this, that self absorbed piece of freak garbage shud be sent away, cheers to CBS, shame on that cow, and her automatic cigaret, discusting, talk about selfdistructive…

    • byKaren
    • onJune 30, 2011

    A superb show. A true family show. I agree with the intelligent people who said they will miss this great show. I have watched every episode in the past few months, thanks to Netflix. The final show, \Me Without You\ was beautifully done. The entire cast and especially Patricia and Jake did a fantastic job bringing these characters to life. Wish this one hadn’t had to end.

    • byandrea
    • onAugust 1, 2011

    Wow this woman Allison is psycho not physic. Clearly she absolutely no class, no skill and it doesn’t help that she’s completely full of herself. I’ve never watched the show medium before and I am glad that I haven’t. Supporting this woman is the last thing i would ever do. She is a complete imbecile.

    Good job CBS for taking out the trash.

    • byRigel
    • onAugust 11, 2011

    Allison is just a bitch who wants attention and she does that by attacking people and claiming that she has some psycic power Whatever bitch

    • byGuest
    • onAugust 29, 2011

    To all those who are trashing Allison Dubois – you are no different than what you say she is.
    I like the show and am sad they ended it. I don’t care about who or what the real life Allison is or does. I just love Patricia and jake’s portrayal of this loving couple dealing with some interesting issues and challanges that life dished out to them. I will watch the re-runs on Netflix for sure!

    • byDawn
    • onSeptember 13, 2011

    I would love a chance to meet Allsion. The shows were very interesting and I am glad she is putting her gift to use. I hope she keeps helping people. Best wishes and God Bless her and her family. People who never had anything remarkable happen to them just don’t understand.

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