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Recently popular Psychic Medium James Van Praagh talked about psychic visions he had of what may be his own death.

In an in-depth interview by, Psychic Medium James Van Praagh speaks about his death.

In the middle of a conversation about death, the phone line went dead. No, that’s not spooky at all, is it?

“Trippy,” laughed James Van Praagh when he called back. It was an appropriate pun, for he had been talking about a scary plane trip and how that relates to his own death at some point in the future.

Van Praagh is one of America’s best known psychic mediums. In the 1990’s he hosted his own television show, “Beyond With James Van Praagh” but most recently was the creative force behind the CBS hit show “Ghost Whisperer”. He has several more television show ideas in various stages of development, plus several books, CDs and events that bear his name. Van Praagh will take the stage tonight (Sunday, Feb. 27) in Phoenix for “An Evening With Spirit”, where he will do what he has become famous for: communicating with the spirits of our dead loved ones.

He has critics. Everyone who claims to be a psychic medium hears from those who disbelieve. Some call it “cold reading”, a technique of reading body language and verbal cues to make an educated guess, thereby tricking a client into believing that the words the psychic uses are coming from the other side.

Van Praagh brushes such comments aside, saying his 20-plus years of doing this work publicly should speak volumes.

When asked about visions of his own death, and what this could mean, the conversation with Psychic Medium James Van Praagh turned into a deeper analysis.

“I think it’s reassuring,” he said. “I know what the age is I’m going to die and I know how I’m going to die.” The giggle that followed might be considered morbid to many. But Van Praagh is very comfortable with death. “There is no such thing,” he writes in his book Ghosts Among Us. “Death refers only to the end of the physical body.”

He won’t divulge whatever details he may know about the end of his life. In fact, he won’t divulge whatever details he may know about the end of anyone’s life. And people do ask.

“Yeah they do ask,” he said. “And I say ‘I can’t tell you.’ I just say, you know, ‘Go to the doctor, get all your papers in order,’ because when you know something like that, you’ve got to present it in a way where you have compassion with it. You don’t want to scary anybody.”

Death is a topic that frightens many. We fear the uncertainty of when it may happen. We fear the finality of our existence. And while sorrow, tragedy and grief are real emotions that accompany the death experience, Van Praagh says life is never-ending. Those who have left the physical world, he writes, “walk among us, impressing us with their love, guiding us with their wisdom, and protecting us from harm.”

Psychic Medium James Van Praagh is currently touring live, most recently he performed in Arizona.

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