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Did a young Elizabeth Taylor have a love child out of wedlock in the 1940′s?

Psychic to the Stars John Cohan has come forward with news that the late Elizabeth Taylor may have had a child out of wedlock, which was previously unknown according to

Psychic John Cohan, a former confidante of Elizabeth’s, told the New York Post’s Cindy Adams that a young Elizabeth had a child out of wedlock (perhaps explaining why she was always so quick to marry), and that the studio and her mother paid an Irish family to bring up baby Norah.

Cohan said: “Money was exchanged. Living in Ireland, the child, resenting the mother who gave her up, wanted nothing to do with Elizabeth.”

Cohan claims that Elizabeth pleaded with him to “say nothing until I’m gone.”

So Cohan waited a little less than a month. Way to hold out.

It’s difficult to prove the validity of such a tidbit, given that the alleged love child was probably born in the 1940s, but . . .

Elizabeth turned 15 in 1947. She was in two films that year, and in two or more each year through 1952, when she would have turned 20. Considering that Elizabeth allegedly gave birth to the child, it’s hard to imagine a star of her magnitude – and with her figure – being able to hide a pregnancy to term even during the studio system.

An article by has followed up with the news that an Irish family may have brought up the child.

Psychic John Cohan said mum-of-four Liz paid an Irish family to bring up baby Norah. He told the New York Post: “The studio and her mother gave baby Norah away.” It was thought that any of three men may have been Norah’s dad. Cohan added: “Money was exchanged. Living in Ireland, the child, resenting the ..

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Psychic John Cohan is a world famous for his predictions and his celebrity clients that reads like a who’s who in Hollywood. He has made numerous radio and TV appearances and his new book “Catch A Falling Star” was recently published

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