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Psychic Sally Morgan Feels Sorry For SkepticĀ Derren Brown.

Recently reported by, British Psychic Medium Sally Morgan feels sorry for Skeptic Derren Brown.

Sky Living star Psychic Sally Morgan has claimed that she “feels sorry” for psychic cynics like Derren Brown.

The TV star said that she accepted she would always face criticism for her career choice “until the day I die”, but argued that high-profile acts such as Brown should be able to appreciate that she is good at what she does.

“I don’t know what he calls himself. He’s a magician or something. That’s his bag and he has to try and do that,” Morgan told Digital Spy. “Derren Brown is not a spiritual person and the work I do has a big spiritual side. I totally understand why he would poo poo it.

“But we are really lucky we have freedom of speech in this country and that’s brilliant. I think Derren is fantastic at what he does. The fact he can’t say I’m fantastic at what I’m dong, I find that very sad.

“I am good at what I do – I’m at the pinnacle. I work very hard and I just feel sorry for people who feel the need to put down other people to feel that what they do outshines another person.”

She added: “There is a section of the community that go under the guise of being a sceptic, but they are just plain rude and ignorant and not very nice people. To those people, I would say prove to me there isn’t a spirit world. Not only do that, but then show me what I’m doing, because I don’t know. Tell me what I’m doing then. That’s what I say to them.”

Sally Morgan’s latest series will feature celebrity guests Mark Wright & Lauren Goodger, Alesha Dixon and Sinitta having mini-readings about their futures.

Psychic Sally: On The Road is viewable on British TV’s Sky Living.

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    • byKate
    • onOctober 26, 2011

    Sceptics are “not very nice people”? Really?

    Have you ever actually read the comments on your Facebook pages, from believers to sceptics?

    I suggest you do. You’ll find that, in general, believers get the most abusive, swear the most, are more insulting and show themselves to be far more unpleasant people than any sceptic could ever be.

    They are also mostly illiterate and clearly ill-educated – and while being thick isn’t a crime in itself, at some point you have to wonder why it would seem to be a requirement to have a single figure IQ in order to believe in an afterlife.

    • byRob
    • onOctober 31, 2011

    I am a sceptic and I don’t consider myself to be a horrible person. I know that some people say that what Sally Morgan does brings comfort to people, but it can also be very upsetting. I lost a close family member in very shocking circumstances. Some months later, some other family members went to a psychic, and I can assure you, their experience was deeply distressing. I do not believe that psychic powers exist, full stop. I do believe that people like Sally Morgan exploit vulnerable people for money. Does that make me a horrible person? No, but it should make these so-called psychic question their own moral integrity.

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