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Are you searching for the top iPhone Tarot Reading apps available? Here is our list of the Top 5 iPhone and iPad Tarot Card Reading applications which may give you mysteriously accurate predictions about love, health and wealth.

Many people feel that Tarot Card Readings by phone or in person can give them an insight into the future or help them understand certain aspects of their life. So with that said, here is our list of our picks for the Top 5 Tarot Reading Apps.

Tarot iPhone App

Tarot App
Tarot by Nuclear Elements is one of the best tarot applications. Available for $1.99 through the iTunes App Store this app has many different reading styles including a spin cycle which moves the cards fast giving you the opportunity to stop it with a tap. This easy to use tarot app is ideal for experts and beginners. With 78 cards including their meanings you will be able to use more spread choices including Basic 3-Card; Basic 5-Card, Between Extremes, Celtic Cross, Creative Process, One-Card, One Major Arcana, Psychological, Relationship and Shadow Truth.

learn tarot reading iphone app

Learn Tarot App
Learn Tarot by MoodWorks is a great way to learn how to read tarot cards with a simple reference guide. Priced at £2.49 at the App Store, this app will help you with the use of a Tarot deck. With information and details on the meanings for every one of the 78 cards, you will learn how to interpret in different situations with the option to learn a card a day. There are over 300 pages of explanations for 78 cards and 4 situations of each.

tarot pro tarot card app iphone

Tarot Pro App
Tarot Pro by Nuclear Elements is an updated version of the first app mentioned for $2.99 at the App Store. This has almost everything you need to do a professional reading. You can now switch between gorgeous renderings of the Rider-Waite Deck and the Marseilles Deck with 78 cards in each. Available on the iPhone and iPad and iPod Touch, this application allows you to enter questions and save spreads like a journal for you to monitor. There are 10 insightful spreads to choose from, including the classic Celtic Cross. Also containing a deck spinning option you will find this application has great features for you to use.

e tarot reading pro iphone app

E Tarot Pro App
E Tarot Pro by Phemka is available for $3.99 through the iTunes App Store. To use as a mobile fortuneteller this app gives you a true interpretation of the draw. In every game, texts are different according to the chosen theme, whether it is love, money or work. There are original and clear texts by Emanuela, Astrologer and Tarologer with four different games.

daily tarot reading iphone app

Daily Tarot Reading App
Daily Tarot Reading by Nefas Bilisim Elektronik is available for $0.99 at the App Store. This application will help you predict a daily tarot card reading with clear instructions on dos and don’ts. Obtain predictions on job, love and environment with a simple explanation of what the tarot means and according to the tarot how your days going on. Using this application can be an addictive way to give you the enhance look and feel of the tarots.

In addition to our list there are many other Tarot Card Reading Apps available for the iPhone and iPad, along with new apps becoming available every month, to give you entertainment and education on the world of Tarot Card Readings; however, for an Accurate Tarot Card Reading consider calling a professional Tarot Card Reader by phone who specializes in Tarot.

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