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Michel Hayek is a famous Lebanese Psychic who’s very famous for his clairvoyant predictions. Hayek discovered his psychic abilities when he was very young, and has since become a famous presence for his accurate Psychic predictions.

Michel Hayek’s Psychic predictions go as far back as 1985 when he predicted the Challenger’s blast, and he knew about Rachid Karameh’s assasination. alongside Lady Diana’s death in 1996 and the earthquake in Turkey in 1999.

His foreseeing the future made him so famous that millions of people wait for him every end of the year to watch him on TV and hear what he has to say about the coming 12 months.

We have a rough translation below of the original French transcript reported by wikeez.com/fr, of Psychic Michel Hayek’s Psychic Predictions for 2012 which where recently made live on MTV with Mireille Mazra’ani December 31, 2011.

This is a partial transcript of what Psychic Michel Hayek predicted for 2012 on MTV:

  • An international conspiracy against the dollar.
  • Gold disappoints.
  • The Israeli-Lebanese border dispute continues.
  • Some areas of land disappear.
  • A heavenly body seen from the earth.
  • New spacial truths.
  • Pope visit to the Islamic states.
  • A nuclear project in the Middle East.
  • Al-Qaeda is active without bin Laden.
  • The strongest sandstorm in the history of the Arab world.
  • Tourism in Egypt again.
  • The UAE hide internal problems.
  • Some politicians take refuge in the UAE.
  • The Prince of Qatar affected by a hazard suffered by the Prime Minister of the country.
  • Several earthquakes in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan.
  • The truth behind the death of Amy Winehouse.
  • David Letterman is in danger.

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