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Watch this full episode of the Ricki Lake Show “Psychics” special where the host featured many of the worlds top Psychics, Clairvoyants and Medium’s.

Ricki featured the world’s top Psychic Clairvoyants – including Medium John Edward, Psychic Char Margolis and Numerologist Glynis McCants. The famous Psychics treated the audience to a number of emotional Psychic readings – including a Medium readings by Char and John and numerology by Glynis.

From the Ricki Lake Show episode guide about the “Psychics” show special.

Do you believe in psychic powers? If you’re a skeptic, that might change after today’s episode of The Ricki Lake Show. We packed the audience with believers, people who are open to the possibility that we might be able to communicate with loved ones.

Meet two world famous psychic mediums, Char Margolis and John Edward, who are helping members of our audience communicate with loved ones who are no longer with us. NOTE: Neither Ricki nor anyone from the audience spoke with Char or John before the show. Every moment happened spontaneously and naturally.

Medium John Edward is known as one of the worlds premier Psychic Medium Readers with his former show “Crossing Over” bringing him worldwide fame, the Psychic continues his frequent televsion appearances on major talk shows around the world, along with touring and performing at live Psychic events, and his many bestselling books with the latest release titled “Fallen Masters.”

Psychic Char Margolis also came to worldwide fame for her many television appearances on Dutch networks and more recently appearances over the years on such shows as Live with Regis where it is thought that she accurately predicted a then unknown pregnancy by Kelly Ripa. Ripa seemed to confirm the prediction claiming to have not even told her bosses about the pregnancy and was visibly stunned; since this amazing prediction Char has continued her rise in popularity.

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