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Celebrity Psychic Prediction Thomas John 2013

Celebrity psychic medium Thomas John recently weighed in on the future of Kim and Kanye’s new baby.

The popular celebrity psychic Thomas John has made recent accurate psychic predictions about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce to name one, but now he offers his unique insight and psychic predictions into the future of Kim and Kanye’s new baby girl North.

The psychic basically see’s this baby ruling the world! Yes, pure success according to the psychic’s reading on a short VH1 interview video for “The Gossip table” where he see’s a bright future for little North.

It’s still a decade or two early to tell, but it will be very interesting to see what the years hold in store for this new baby girl – and with the millions that mom and dad already have, it’s hard to not see this girl becoming an influence in some way.

Do you think Kim and Kanye’s new baby girl North is destined for success? Make yourself heard.

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