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Canadian clairvoyant medium Kim Dennis discusses suicide and what happens to their souls in this short video clip.

We all voluntarily come into this world and we all voluntarily leave, it doesn’t matter if you die naturally or if by suicide according to medium Kim Dennis.

Kim suggests that the body itself is simply the vehicle for your soul and to make peace with your body rather than wish you had more. You need to make peace with your body as it is the only one that you are given and discontent only lends to issues such as suicide or unhappiness in this life.

Clairvoyant medium Kim Dennis is a popular Canadian psychic who has had a radio and television presence in Canada for years, regularly appearing on Calgary radio stations to offer psychic medium readings to callers where the popular psychic offered answers to such caller questions such as ” Is my departed loved one alright on the other side? Did my miscarried child go to heaven? Do we go somewhere when we pass? When I assure the worries for one caller while others listen, many hearts are calmed” according to Kim’s Website bio.

What are your thoughts on suicide and what happens in the hereafter? Make yourself heard.

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